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Our Services

Language Access LLC is a language translation and interpretation service provider located in Lakewood, Colorado. Although most of our work involves translating from Spanish to English, we are also capable of translating over 200 languages.

You can rely on us when you need to translate written works that have been produced in another language. We can also provide you a member of our staff to interpret a speech as it is said.

Why Hire Us to be Your Interpreter

We are not only fluent in many languages, but we are also able to communicate both the style and tone of the speaker. Our team also keeps in mind the age and culture of the audience. By doing this, the message is not lost in translation.

Language Interpreting Methods

  • Simultaneous Interpreting – We can listen in one language while interpreting it for you in another. This method is seen usually being used for court proceedings, television news broadcasts, and press conferences.
  • Consecutive Interpreting – For this, a speaker says several complete sentences first and pauses so that we can interpret them in another language.
  • Sight Translation – We are asked to provide an oral translation of a written document. Sight Translation usually does not involve any preparation as we are asked to translate on the spot.

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